Short Course on EUMETSAT’s Climate Data Records: Using satellite data for climate applications

Start Date:
May 4, 2020
End Date:
May 8, 2020
The course will be accessible from online from… Satellite based climate data records play an increasing role in climate monitoring and help to answer climate related questions. Nowadays satellite based climate data records cover a time period of several decades. EUMETSAT and it’s Satellite Application Facilities (SAF) provide a number of high quality climate data records for various geophysical variables, such as solar radiation, land surface temperature, cloud fractional cover, cloud microphysical variables, and many more, derived from both, geostationary and polar orbiting satellites. These climate data records are free and open to everyone. They continue to be reprocessed to account for improvements of the algorithm and to include recent time periods. In addition to the data, free software tools, such as the CM SAF R Toolbox, are developed and provided by the SAF’s for users to work with the data. This short course is an opportunity to get an overview about the climate data records available from the EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facilities, learn how to access them and gain some first experiences in how to work with the software tools provided. Participants will have the opportunity do some hands-on exercises using the data and tools provided. Participants are also welcome to bring their own scientific questions, for which the satellite based CDR’s may help to find the answer. Data and software developers will be around to help and answer questions. Participants should be prepared to bring a laptop to the course, to install the software tools beforehand and to download some data of interest from the CM SAF.
Targeted Audience:
(Early Career) Scientists interested in working with Climate Data Records from satellites.
Format/Training Type:
Classroom Course
Contact Name:
Christine Traeger-Chatterjee
Contact Email:
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