User Preparation Webinar on Microwave Observation Missions (EPS-SG MWS, MWI and ICI)

Start Date:
Oct. 11, 2021
End Date:
Oct. 12, 2021
For preparing users to data from the next-generation microwave and sub-mm wave missions (Microwave Sounder – MWS, Microwave Imager - MWI and Ice Cloud Imager - ICI) on-board Metop-SG satellites, EUMETSAT is offering a User Preparation Webinar on 11-12 October 2021. The Webinar will be daily from 12:00 UTC to 14:30 UTC. The webinar provides: a) an overview of instrument and measurement principles; b) details on product generation, product characteristics, and expected performance; c) user-relevant information about data formats, test datasets, dissemination d) and application perspectives. For MWI and MWS, the webinar will provide information on the improvements over the heritage missions. The event will highlight the importance of ICI, the first submm mission in space, and its application perspectives. This Webinar focuses on product generation activities at EUMETSAT Central Facility.
Targeted Audience:
The Webinar is intended for an audience with a good level of scientific and technical understanding of satellite remote sensing and weather forecasting. The Webinar is open to all, but some experience in using data from instruments such as AMSU, MHS, ATMS, SSMIS, SSMI will be useful.
Format/Training Type:
Online Course
Contact Name:
Sreerekha Thonipparambil
Contact Email:
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