ARSET - Applications of Carbon Dioxide Measurements for Climate-Related Studies

Start Date:
July 9, 2024
End Date:
July 16, 2024
Space-based CO2 measurements have become an important capability in support of climate studies and to inform policy decisions. This intermediate, three-part webinar series will build on the previous CO2 training from 2022, providing a more in-depth review of OCO-2 and OCO-3 measurements along with demonstrations of case-studies.
Targeted Audience:
Primary Target Audience: Scientists in the field and local, regional, and federal organizations from climate agencies  Secondary Target Audience: NGO’s, academics, and students
Expected Outcomes:
By the end of this training attendees will be able to: - Identify the characteristics and limitations of the NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory, OCO-2 and OCO-3 XCO2 measurements. - Access and download data through the Distributed Active Archive Center (GES DISC), and open and visualize XCO2 data from OCO-2/OCO-3 in GES DISC Earthdata. - Interpret XCO2 data from OCO-2/OCO-3 for global, regional, and local scales. - Assess the level of confidence to place in XCO2 measurements using the quality flags incorporated into each dataset. - Analyze OCO-2 data for assessing the impacts of an El Nino event on Level 2 CO2 concentrations and Level-4 fluxes over tropical regions. - Analyze OCO-3 data for assessing the variations in Level-2 CO2 concentrations over a metropolitan area.
NASA Applied Sciences
NASA Applied Sciences
Format/Training Type:
Online Course, Workshop
English, Spanish
Application Deadline:
July 16, 2024
Contact Name:
Sarah Cutshall
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